The Water Cycle

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Water Cycle Project
You will describe the movement of a water drop through the water cycle. The drop may begin anywhere in the cycle and must go through at least two phase changes, (i.e. liquid to gas and back to liquid or solid). You must also include how gravity and the sun’s radiation drive the cycle.

You have 2 options for this project:

You may make a comic strip with a molecule of water as the main character.
  • The comic must include text that explains what is happening in each frame.
  • The text can be dialogue ‘spoken’ by the drop, or written as captions at the bottom of the frames.

You may make a mini-poster with a diagram of the water cycle.
  • The diagram should not look just like the one we used in class. It should have the drop moving from one step to another.
  • Each step in the cycle needs to have text that describes what is happening to the drop. This text can be ‘spoken’ by the drop, or written as a caption near the drop.

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