We will use both Powerpoint and Google Presentations to create our slideshow presentations.

Introduction to Presentations (Powerpoint presentation)

What can you do with slideshow software?

Death by Powerpoint

“Death by PowerPoint” refers to the phenomenon where instead of adding to and improving a presentation, the use of a slideshow actually makes the presentation much worse. Symptoms include audience members nodding off, checking their watches, fidgeting in their seats, and otherwise losing interest.

Rules for Effective Slideshows

My First Presentation (Who am I)

How do you create a new slideshow?
How do you insert a slide?

SLIDE #1: (Title and Subtitle)
Name (Title)
Date (Subtitle)

SLIDE #2: (Title and Content or Body)
About Me (Title)
Bulleted List:
  • Birthdate
  • Hometown
  • Who you live with

My Favourite Food (Title)
Insert images of favourite foods (2-3)

My Favourite Movie or Video Game (Title)
Insert video

How I spend my time online? (Title)
Insert Table (2 Columns x 5 rows)
Column 1 Heading-Name of website
Column 2 Heading-Hyperlink

Practice Presentation

We have created our first presentations and we have a learned how to add slides, create bulleted lists, insert images and videos, create hyperlinks and insert tables. We will now focus on formatting presentations. We will learn how to format text and slides, change themes, insert transitions and animations, insert text boxes and create speaker notes.

You will create a presentation on one of the following topics: music, movies, video games, or other interest/hobby.

Ethics and Issues in Technology Presentation

Choose 1 of the following topics:
  • Assistive Technology
  • Security
  • Cyberbullying
  • Viruses
  • Copyright and Plagiarism
  • Piracy
  • Social Networking
  • Identify Theft

Your presentation will include 7-10 slides related to one of the topics above. You must include 3-5 references.

Guiding Questions:
What is the problem?
Who is effected?
What are possible solutions?
Is your chosen issue currently in the news?

Teach Us Something New (and oral presentation)

Use the following checklist as a guide when completing presentations:
  • Title slide
  • Video or link to video
  • Image
  • Hyperlink
  • Theme change
  • Slide transition
  • Animation
  • Text box
  • Speaker notes
  • Text formatting (font, size, colour, etc.)


Knowledge (10 marks): Slide and element creation
Application (5 marks): Significant use of software tools to enhance presentation
Thinking (5 marks): Creativity in selection of themes and slide creation.
Communication (10 marks): Clear, informative and uncluttered presentation.

Other Skills

Text and slide formatting
Transitions and Animations
Text box
Speaker Notes

JAWS Keystrokes

F6 Navigate Panes
-statusbar/toolbar (change view, play slideshow, etc.)
-slide thumbnails
-slide area (to edit slides)

TAB to navigate placeholders
ESC to move to object level

How else can I create a presentation?

Haiku Deck