Patterns and Sustainability


  1. We need to develop sustainable communities that function within the limits of our natural environment.
  2. Human settlement can cause social, environmental, and economic problems.
  3. Human settlement patterns are affected by the natural environment and also affect the natural environment

Inquiry Questions

If you could choose anywhere in the world to live, where would it be? What criteria would you use to select the location?
  • what questions do you have?
  • what does the topic make you think about?

Lesson 1 Big Ideas and Questions
Lesson 2 Population Density and Distribution
Lesson 3 Settlement in My Community/Where do people live
Lesson 4 Physical Environments and Settlements
Lesson 5 Factors that Affect Human Settlement
Lesson 6 Sustainability (Footprint Calculator)
Lesson 7 Sustainable Communities
Lesson 8 Land Use
Lesson 9 Land Use Conflicts

Consider the following:

  1. Population, density, distribution
  2. Physical environment
  3. Weather and natural climate
  4. Employment - Education
  5. Food
  6. Housing
  7. The Cost of Living - Safety
  8. Health Services
  9. Pollution
  10. Transportation
  11. Accessibility
  12. Technology
  13. Personal connection

To know:

  • population
  • population density
  • population distribution

Economic Development and Quality of Life

Global Goals Collaborative Book

Quality of Life
Understanding Quality of Life
Quality of life Indicators
A Long Life in Sardinia/A Long Life in Sardinia (text copy)
Blue Zones Project

Girls Education in Pakistan
Human Development Reports
Time Machine Quiz
Economic Activity
HDI Data
HDI Activity
Service with a Smile