Cells are the basis of life
Healthy cells lead to healthy organisms
Cells organize into tissues, tissues into organs, organs into organ systems, and organ systems into organisms
Systems are interdependent

Inquiry Questions
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Cell Explorer
The Incredible Mega Cell
Unlocking the Secretes of Our Cells (video)

Introduction to Cells

Characteristics of Living Things
1. Grow, reproduce and repair
2. Require energy
3. Respond to the environment
4. Have a lifespan
5. Produce wastes

Cell Theory

1. The cell is the basic unit of life. In other words, the cell is the smallest living organism that shows the characteristics of living things.
2. An organism can be as simple as one cell (unicellular), like a paramecium, or it can be made up of trillions of cells (multicellular), like an elephant.
3. All cells are created from existing cells through a process called cell division by which a cell divides into two new cells.

Plant vs. Animal Cells

Cells vary in size, shape and function but all cells have certain features in common.
What is an organelle?

Plant and Animal Cells (pdf)
Plant and Animal Cells (rtf)
Organelles for Sale
We are going to create advertisements for the organelles found in plant and animal cells.
1. Choose an organelle (from a plant or animal cell)
2. Create an Advertisement (Comic Life, pencil and paper, recording). Include the following: name, picture or description of structure, function, features, where can you buy it, cost, slogan

Organelle Quiz

Impact of Technology

Genetic Testing (pdf)
Genetic Testing (rtf)

Annotated Bibliography

3 Resources (website, video, article, infographic )
For each resource include:
  1. Title
  2. Summary
  3. Link/Embed video/Insert image

Flow of Materials in and out

Permeable v. Impermeable v. Selectively Permeable
Cell Transport

Structure and Function of Cells

Cell Processes
How do cells transform energy? Transport materials? Reproduce?
Specialized Cells
Unicellular and Multicellular Organisms

Cells, Tissues and Organs

Organ Systems
Systems Assignment (Systems Learning Goals and Success Criteria)
When Systems Fail


Stopping the Spread of Infectious Disease